The Lighthouse Co-op
Serving Homeschool Families on Camano Island, Stanwood, and  the surrounding area.
Mission Statement
The Lighthouse Co-op seeks to provide an atmosphere that fosters the love and challenge of learning, promotes and teaches Christian values while building character and recognizing individual gifts.

Our mission is to apply our faith in Jesus Christ and to seek the truth in every aspect of learning.
The Lighthouse Co-op is a homeschool support group located in the community of Stanwood-Camano Island, in the beautiful state of Washington.

We offer 2 class terms, the first being 9 weeks that runs from late September until Mid-November.  The second term runs from late January until the end of March, lasting 10 weeks.

Parents and students attend together, with parents teaching, or helping in, all of the classes being offered.

You are eligible for The Lighthouse Co-op when your eldest child is 7 years of age and in the second grade.  We offer a nursery/preschool/K program for your younger children as well.